A new series of online training sessions to help your family with behaviour difficulties…

1.     Tuesday, 11th October

How to reduce extreme behaviour in SEND children and young people

 2.     Thursday, 13th October

Understanding how anxiety affects you and your child, and how to reduce it

 3.     Thursday 21st October

How to keep brothers and sisters safe and happy

 4.     Sunday 23rd October

How to reduce controlling behaviour in SEND children and young people

 5.     Tuesday 25th October

How to stop hurting from all the guilt, worry and self-doubt of being a SEND parent

 6.     Thursday 27th October

How to support a SEND child with demand avoidant behaviour to feel happier and calmer

 7.     Tuesday, 1st November

How to boost your SEND child’s self-esteem

 8.     Sunday 6th November

How to boost communication skills with young people

9.     Tuesday 8th November

How to rock important meetings about your child to get the best possible outcomes for them

 10.Tuesday 15th November

How to navigate extreme behaviour in the teenage years