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07-02-2012—sharon andrews

I care for Lauren, to everyone she is lovely, to me she is hard work (and lovely!!) Caring for Lauren is constant........

She has 4q- syndrome, ASD, GAD, Raynauds disease and vitiligo.  She doesnt sleep much and talks too much especially to EVERYONE she meets even wanders off to find that 'lucky' person she thinks is really wanting to listen to her.

 She is always 'sick', 'got a belly ache', 'hurting somewhere' or gagging quite loudly in the busiest places possible!

She doesnt like dirt, keys, money or anyone touching their hair, she can even cry uncontrollablly if you ask her nicely.  She is bossy and thinks she knows best.

She is brave girl and happily lets me give her her daily growth injection, inhalers, put on all the creams and has even started taking her pills herself!

I cut her food, bath and wash her hair and generally care for all the time.

 To say we have to keep one step ahead would be an understatement...... would we change her?...................... Of course we wouldnt!

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